Festive Eating Strategies

In past few months you have run, lifted weights and got that weight off but then Diwali comes around and there is delicious food all around, so how do you survive the biggest festive food binge. Nandini Reddy offers a…

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Running Terminology

Popular Theatre artist and avid runner, T M Karthik, gives his take on what running terminology should really mean with a humourous twist. Statutory Apology : This is just for fun, folks  Want to walk the walk—or in this case,…

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Stay Safe while you Run

Running in the city is always fraught with caution and danger if you are not attentive and careful. Nandini Reddy talks about how you can use small tips and tricks to ensure you have a safe run. Runners choose different…

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Burning Out

Runner burnout should be identified and addressed so that your passion can continue unabated, shares Nandini Reddy Runner burnout is not a joke. Burnouts can be painful and stressful both physically and mentally. While it is important to wake up…

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Tarun Walecha – The Incidental Runner

Running never came easy to me…for the simplest reason that I never thought of being a runner. Though I had always been into sport, running was something that never caught my fancy. Having played various sports at school and even…

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